We produce stainless steel furniture and creative sheet metal solutions, tailored for professional and home kitchens, for the food and pharmaceutical industries and for every need.
Our experience in the design and design of stainless steel furniture for the food industry, professional and home kitchens, allows us to build around the needs of the customer the ideal working environment.


Due to our experience in the assembly industry, we have specialized in the construction and the equipping of workbenches and test benches with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum stability: our solid and durable workbenches are made of aluminum profiles or carpentry when maximum strength is required.
  • Maximum ease of use: we manufacture our benches according to ergonomics and Lean Manufacturing principles.
  • Total Portability: in the version with rubber wheels to move it in different areas
  • Variety of materials: aluminum where you need light weight, steel for robustness, and stainless steel for hygienic needs such as food and pharmaceutical industry.

All our solutions are customized, to suit many different needs.